E-ON RIX - CRM 360' Views

CRM "details": 360' View for each Customer

This functionality, built into our system means that whenever a customer does business with your company in any channel, the slightest information concerning either the customer or the transaction is recorded in order to improve services and achieve better results for the company. This feature offers many advantages to the system user: elimination of unnecessary double entries of customer data, access to complete history files of transactions, proposed actions to help the user with decisions.

The 360 degree view means that information about the past, the present and the future are available.

• Past:

Provides comprehensible and easy access to the historical development of relations with a client, value​​ of transactions, quantities and profits per product or per department of your business.

• Present:

It means that critical information on each "current" transaction is available with a click or two.

• Future:

Helps you design, plan and manage actions to be taken in the future to bring new sales for your business, maintain loyalty of existing customers and bring in new customers.

The ability of the system to present global information for each of your customers is not just an option in the database structure, but a well planned process of retrieving the necessary information required anytime, anyplace and in any case there is a customer facing the system user for any transaction.

Such information may be (indicative) :

Identity: Name, Sex, Address, Age

Relations: Connections, Relations with other persons.

Transactions: Orders, Complaints, Dispatches and more.

History: Contacts, campaigns, various activities across all sales channels and departments of the company.

Values: Total sales, net profits, gross profits per customer for products and services.

Actions: That have been taken, expected, designed.

Customers expect a global and comprehensive treatment by each company they approach to buy products and services. They do not care about the internal organization and structure of your business and do not expect different treatment from the various departments or different approach each time they make transactions with you.

Important fact: Maybe in the most expensive ERP systems in the market you would find these features. Even the best CRM systems in the market can not link the business and accounting transactions with the customers relationship management like E-ON RIX CRM that we offer you with a small subscription fee per user.

The commercial and financial management of your business becomes an integrated collaboration platform, accessed through a web browser.
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